Ethics Policy

The articles published by this journal comply with the guidelines of the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), which aim to encourage the identification of plagiarism, bad practices, fraud, possible violations of ethics and opening of processes, and for that we recommend:

Authors should visit the COPE website, which contains information for authors and editors on research ethics;

Before submission, authors must meet the following criteria:

- Articles containing data acquisition or analysis and interpretation of data from other publications must explicitly reference them;

- When writing articles that contain a critical review of the intellectual content of other authors, these must be duly cited;

- All authors must meet the criteria for unpublished authorship of the article and none of the researchers involved in the research may be omitted from the list of authors;

- The final approval of the article will be made by the editors and editorial board.

To meet the criteria, authors must perform the following procedures:

- The evaluators will evaluate the texts with the CrossCheck system right after submission. Firstly, the textual content of scientific articles will be evaluated, seeking to identify plagiarism, duplicate submissions, already published manuscripts and possible fraud in research;

- With the results, it is up to the editors and editorial board to decide whether the article will be sent for peer review who will also carry out evaluations;

- After acceptance and before publication, the articles may be evaluated again.