Peer Review Process

The Revista Gestão e Conhecimento adopts the system of peer review of articles (Peer Review) in an impartial and anonymous way.

The peer review process (Peer Review Process) consists of reviewing and evaluating the article submitted by specialists in the subject, who have the power to refuse or recommend the publication of the article.

The body of reviewers for Gestão & Conhecimento is primarily composed of Doctors and PhD students linked to institutions of national and international renown, as can be seen in the editorial staff section.

When the submitted work is not in line with the journal's policies, the authors are notified of the decision within fifteen working days from the submission date.

After evaluation, the Editor-in-Chief will make the following decisions: Accepted; Small Fixes; Rejected.

After making the requested adjustments and verifying them by the reviewers and editors, the articles are submitted to a spelling, grammatical review and adaptation to the rules adopted by the journal and to the final editing of the document.

Publication takes place within 10 business days after approval and submission of proof of payment of the publication fee.

Note: If there are disagreements between reviewers, the Editor may select a third reviewer or reject the manuscript.